Diane Nelson

Barre Instructor

Diane Nelson took her first barre class the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2010 in a new barre studio on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C and has been hooked on it ever since. In her early 30s at the time, Diane had never been an avid exercise enthusiast, but knew that it was an important habit to form so she would be healthier and age a little more gracefully. That first barre class was the beginning of a transformation not only of her body, but also her self confidence and inner strength.

Unlike other fitness classes at bigger gyms, the barre class was small and there was a sense of community and support rather than a competition. She also found that since most barre movements focused on building strength through small muscle movements, she could get in a workout that left her sore for days with out breaking much, if any, sweat during the class. Being a curly-haired gal, not having to shower directly after a workout was a game changer.

Over the months of consistently taking a barre class three or more times a week, Diane felt a significant improvement in the strength of her body as well as her own inner confidence. So much so that she branched off into other activities like jogging, boot camps, and bikram yoga and the self-confidence boost improved her dating life as well. Fast forward a few years to 2014 when Diane married and moved to Brevard. Not having the same career options as she did in Washington, D.C., Diane began dreaming of opening a barre studio in Brevard. What could be a better career than to share something you love and changed you for the better with others? She took a barre certification course through Exhale Spa in June 2015, training with two instructors each with 30 years in the barre industry. She passed the certification test and started doing small classes with friends to get comfortable teaching instead of being the participant.

Diane put her barre studio dreams on hold soon thereafter when she realized she was pregnant. William arrived in June 2016 and James arrived in January 2019. She’s kept up with her private practice through on-line videos and occasional visits to Asheville barre studios. She is super excited to finally bring her love of barre to a studio in Transylvania County and share it with anyone who wants to keep learning and getting stronger along with her.

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